Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Not?

There are a bunch of amazing blog sites out there regarding different Topps sets. My favorites are the '65, '67, and '75 sites. While this is not my favorite set, the '74 set is not yet represented, so I thought, what the hell? I am ego-centric enough to share my thoughts with the blogsphere and god knows at my age it is one place at which I might actually get some attention. Plus, what with the Aaron cards, the first Traded set, and the Washington Nat'l cards, at least there are enough unique aspects of the set to keep things interesting as long as I don"t mess things up. I have the whole set minus a couple variants that I will try to acquire over the course of the blog. And I will definitely be "borrowing" some commentary ideas from my forerunners listed above, all done in deep respect.

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