Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#126 - Checklist #1

This is the first regular set checklist and, yeah, it's marked. I got these cards - most of them anyway - when I was a kid in '74 and I dutifully checked them off, thereby defacing the card. But I do think I was pretty neat. There is nothing terrible special about these cards: no photos - like in the late 60s - or even pictures on them. Just a black pennant. There were five checklist cards so each one had a fifth of the set or 132 cards. Each checklist contained a special set. This one had the Aaron commemorative set that kicked off the blog. There are no typos although there is that card #31 which is listed here as the A's: Mgr/C'ches card when it was in fact the Astros manager card. Looking at the major - the "5" and "0" - cards quickly you get a pretty good All-Star team loaded in pitchers and outfielders but missing the left side of the infield. I will discuss the set milestones more in depth following card #132, the last one on this checklist.

More of the same on the back. You do get to see the next six cards coming up. No degrees of separation exercise here obviously. I will return to that on the next card.

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