Friday, October 14, 2011

#263 - Checklist (Cards 133-264)

Here's the second checklist card of the set. It's marked. They're all marked. I suppose I could get clean cards as an upgrade but it just hasn't been a priority. I have pretty much nothing to say about these cards so I'll meander a bit and do a little promoting. The blog I have listed on my watch list is authored by my daughter. She's ten and it's about some kittens she and her brother found that were born outside our place. It's pretty cute and if anyone has someone who likes cats it's a pretty quick read. She doesn't post much and the whole thing can be knocked off in about five minutes unless you get carried away feeding the fishes at the bottom. Yup, she's already a much better handler of the bells and whistles on this Blogger thing than I am. But I bet she doesn't know what the A stands for in A. Monteagudo's name (number 139). Dad still has some props.

Back to the cards, this group of cards has as its special set the league leaders, which you already know if you've been reading this stuff. In fact the only real upside to these posts is taken away because the checklist card is the second to last card on the checklist card (huh?). You only get to see one future post but at least it's an All-Star.

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