Thursday, November 10, 2011

#273 - Checklist - Cards 265-396

Wow! Another checklist card already. While the first two were pretty much at the end of their respective groups - what had been known as Series when Topps issued cards that way - this one's right up top. That means you all get to see what's coming for over the next hundred cards or so. It sort of lets the cat out of the bag but this information could certainly be gleaned elsewhere so it's no big deal. The special group for this bunch of cards will be the All-Star cards listed on the back. They'll require a big post at the end since Topps did that puzzle thing on the back for what I believe is the last time. And I'm NOT doing a spoiler on who that will be. There's an error: Yaz's name is misspelled (#280 - they forgot the z). And this is the period during which the Washington Nat'l cards will stop being issued so we'll see the last of those for awhile. But right now I'm just filling up space so let's move to the flip side.

Nothing special about the back, so let's talk music.

In '73 on November 8th David Bowie was presented an award in the UK for selling over one million albums and singles since he signed with RCA two years prior. It was also around this time that rumors became rampant that Mick Jagger was going to star in the film version of The Who's "Tommy." That role, of course, stayed in the family and was taken by Roger Daltry. On the 10th "Keep On Truckin'" took over number one in the States. It was Eddie Kendricks' biggest hit since leaving The Temptations a year earlier. In '74 November 8th was a pretty bad day in the music world. Ivory Joe Hunter, an R+B singer in the Fifties turned county singer passed away at age 63. Much worse, singer Connie Francis was raped at knifepoint after a show out on Long Island. It was a pretty devastating event in her life and it would be about eight years before she could perform in public again. On the 9th "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", Bachman-Turner Overdrive's ode to stutterers (for real - Randy Bachman wrote it for his brother who had a big problem in that area) took over the top spot.

Not even a degrees of separation on this one. More baseball on the next post.

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  1. Someone did a good job of marking that checklist -- nice and clean.