Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#601 - '74 Rookie Outfielders (part 2)

These guys are generally older that the ones on past cards and McBride was 25 when he won his Rookie of the Year award. Armbister has a great full name. These four provide us with a total of 31 MLB seasons, two All-Star games, and that ROY award. This will be a tough card to beat.

From the last card an old pitcher helps:

1. Ed Armbrister and Woody Fryman ’77 Reds;
2. Fryman and Reggie Sanders ’74 Tigers.

Around the card may go pretty quickly:

1. Ed Armbrister and Don Gullett ’73 to ’76 Reds;
2. Gullett and Thurman Munson ’77 to ’79 Yankees;
3. Munson and Rick Bladt ’75 Yankees;
4. Bladt and Ed Hermann ’75 Yankees;
5. Hermann and Brian Downing ’73 to ’74 White Sox;
6. Downing and Jim Kaat ’73 to ’75 White Sox;
7. Kaat and Bake McBride ’77 to ’79 Phillies.

Or not.

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