Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#414 - Checklist: Cards 397-528

Now we come to checklist number four, which like the last checklist comes relatively early in its “set.” So there is a significant preview of what's to come for the next hundred-plus cards. There is a dearth after Mr. Killebrew - who we've already seen - of any big award winners or Hall of Fame guys. No errors on the front that I can tell. A quick glance at the holders of the “five and dime” cards shows some – dare I say undeserving – surprises. There is one unchecked box. That’s because I didn’t get that card until I began this blog. Outside of a couple Washington Nat’l cards it is the last one I acquired for this set. I do see a dreaded team card coming up and it’s an older team which will mean delayed posts for a bit. The special set included on this checklist will be the post-season cards which should be fun because the playoffs and Series were pretty dramatic in ’73 and featured the swan song of a Hall of Fame icon.It will also mean a bunch of action cards and I always like those.

On the back are a couple more questionable honor card recipients and possibly the longest surname in the set with card 492. We also get the first rookie card in the set of a future Hall of Famer which can make some people giddy.

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